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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Quality Ad Marketing was founded in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1997 and is now located in Austin. Texas.  We have stayed true to its original mission: bring educated buyers and sellers together at the time they are ready to do business via permission based emails. This formula has allowed us to grow our client base to over 20,000 across more than 1000 product and service categories who are ready to assist the thousands of buyers using our service every day looking to save time and money on their important business purchases.

Where we stand now

Today we’re helping thousands of marketers and business owners solve their company’s lead growth problem with our products and services, uniquely designed to grow your company quickly. Our business model is simple. Low prices, great product & outstanding customer service. Because our prices are so low we simply do not make any money unless you become regular client.

Our Future Goals

Now we are not perfect but we strive to improve our business model everyday.  We are a small company with only 9 employees that wants to earn your business and give you better results than our large competitors.  We want to partner with you so both our companies can grow together.

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